Yokomo Nissan Silvia PS-13 – updated

Anybody out there seen this shell? It takes a lot of looking but I’ve just done all that for you, read on……..

This is one rare shell outside of Yokomo’s own website – www.yokomo.com with only the odd one appearing chances are you’ll be paying full whack plus delivery from the US, or Japan directly. Searches on http://www.eBay.com come up with a load of Nissan Silvia S15, but if you want this shell that’s not going to cut it!

To give you an example of what you can achieve with this shell and the right set of off set wheels and tires – check this out below


What I’ll attempt over the coming weeks is to find out the best places on the internet to get this great shell from, what you can add such as light buckets etc., and any other mods like sticker kits – it’ll all be posted here stay tuned for updates!

The exact details are;

Part# SD-PS13BS

1/10th Scale D1 Spec DRIFT XTREME PS-13 Body Set

The body set includes everything! Decal, Masking Decal, Mirror & Wiper set, Muffler set, and Wing set Included – maybe this explains why it costs so much………

Online Shops;

Genki Dori Dori website here
Here’s the exact URL for the shell when it’s in stock (1 left as of 15th August )

………and whilst you’re there, check out the light buckets here as well;

Also at Morfars.dk for just under 60EURO
Click here for the link

eBay Stores

Click here for m.k.models it’s now ended, but I’m going to see when it’s back in stock.

Also, I have been in touch with an eBay seller called topsecret0304, he’s great for RC Drift items, and they are cheap. He has just emailed to tell me this shell will be in stock around mid-August so I will post links to the eBay page once they are up. His shop is here

There’ll be an eBay RSS feed attached to this soon to keep a live lookout.


  1. Update;
    A version of the ABC Hobby one is on eBay, however, it’s not as detailed as the Yokomo version.

    See here for details;


  2. FOUND IT!

    right under my nose….. at the Genki Dori Dori website at;


    Here’s the exact URL;


    and whilst you’re there, check out the light buckets as well;


    There’s also a 200mm version, but it’s not the Yokomo PS-13;


    Also, I have been in touch with an eBay store that’s great for RC Drift items, and they are cheap. However, he doesn’t have the PS-13 shell in now, but will have in a couple of months. His shop is here




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