Slidemaster 37R Drift Wheels by Speed Way – Volk Design

These have arrived from eBay seller Topsecret0304, and a lot quicker than I thought!  Once out of the pack they are excellent, the moulding is top quality with no rough edges and they don’t feel like they will break just by looking at them!

I’d recommend these if you are keeping with a 190mm and want to fill the arches out, if you are looking at getting a 200mm bodyshell, then you’ll also need to extend the drive shafts with something like 3Racings 5mm offset shafts here

Link to TopSecret’s eBay shop here
Full description;
Slidemaster 37R Drift Wheels by Speed Way
Volk design with 7mm offset for front and rear
Colour: Black
26mm wheel size

Slidemaster 37R Drift Wheels

Here are the results I got when combined with the Real Alloy Brake Discs from elsewhere I my site, I put some BBS stickers on for a more racing look as I didn’t have any spare Volk one’s, let me know if you see some around……!

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  1. […] applying a complete real metal mesh grill to the front, I bought a set of Speedway Slidemaster wheels to get the look I wanted, which now on the car look great.  I then applied some BBS […]

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