Creating Realistic RC Car Headlight Lenses

This is incredibly simple, but takes some patience and a very sharp craft knife – you have been warned!

Having a LED light systems adds great realism to most RC Drift cars, but when you get really close that’s when they really just look a bit lame, as older cars didn’t have full on Zenon projector headlights – so here’s how to create some old school looking headlights.

First, buy a set of decals that match your car body, or just use the one’s that come with a new bodyshell.

By the way – it’s worth noting if you’ve already painted over your headlights this method wont work – so you’ll have to start with a new body shell.

By using some of the left over trimming from the Polycarbonate bodyshell, place a piece firmly over the sticker of the headlight.  Mark around the headlight, so that if it does shift slightly you can get it re-aligned quickly.

Then, taking time, carve into the plastic with medium pressure (do you don’t go all the way through) and following the markings of the sticker.

Once completed, cut out the headlight leaving two ‘tabs’ either end, you’ll need to do this to stick the headlight lense to the body of the car on the INSIDE……

Your results should look something like the example I did below. I have yet to get the light buckets for this body – which is having it’s build photographed on this part of the website here

If you have a try at this, let me know and send you pics to be posted in The Gallery!