YouDrift 2

This has to be one of the most amazing drifts ever completed.

Real drifter Masato Kawabata was driving his Toyo Tires 591hp modified Nissan S13 240SX in an event, and managed to pull this off. It’s not quite reversing into the corner, but this judgement is just on another level!

See if you can do this with your TT-01!

RC Drift Decals – now available without breaking the bank

Finally, some decals are available from some of the eBay shops I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this site.

Normally you’re looking at paying around £15 to £20 ($25 – $35 per set for originals from Yokomo or HPI etc, but now there are some really cool looking sets from one of my favourite eBay shops Revolution

Here are some examples below, they lead to the current auction so apologies if it’s ended, just click here to go direct to the Revolution shop.

TOYO Decals click here

RX7 with Toyo Decals

ROTORA Decals click

eBay Drift Search

This is surely going to be my shortest post!

Searching through eBay is a little boring and frustrating at times, as a lot of ‘toys’ and other useless junk comes up.

Here’s my easy search tip for REAL RC Drift parts, cars and other stuff that you’re after – not toys!

Go to;

Home – Buy – Toys & Games – Radio-Controlled-Cars

Once there cut and paste this into the ‘Search’ bar where you normally type;

drift -takara -xmod -x-mod -xmods -eztec -stunt -BNIB -1:12 -1/12 -MINIZ -MINI-Z -1/16

This should bring up mostly real RC stuff, but have a play about see what works best for you!