Heatsink / Brushless Motor – avoid the wrong kind of burnout…….

So, after a bit of error before the trial, there’s something to note before you add a shiny new 5.5T motor with an equally shiny heatsink.

Brushless motors come with three wires (in case you weren’t aware) and instead of being soldered at two separate points like Brushed versions, they are together and on the same piece of circuit poking from the side of the can. ┬áThis makes positioning ‘interesting’, but the actual soldering is not hard to get wrong as it doesn’t matter which wires are attached to which solder points.

What is key, like anything electronic, is to make sure wires and opposing electrical currents don’t cross!

So, if you intend to heatsink your Brushless motor, which is highly advisable, make sure the heatsink and solder points don’t touch.

This is a simple mod, so get inventive, but this example below shows piece of double sided foam tape normally used for mounting hooks on walls (or LED wiring looms in RC cars)…..just make sure that heatsink can’t get near those solder points!