YouDrift 2

This has to be one of the most amazing drifts ever completed.

Real drifter Masato Kawabata was driving his Toyo Tires 591hp modified Nissan S13 240SX in an event, and managed to pull this off. It’s not quite reversing into the corner, but this judgement is just on another level!

See if you can do this with your TT-01!


Really great YouTube vid put together by RCman03 – fair play to him.

It has everything, car parks, tracks, battles, night time drifting etc, if this doesn’t get you hooked into RC Drifting then it’s not for you…….

Japshow Santa Pod June 2009

Needless to say, there were definitely going to be some drift cars here, but a whole area dedicated was a real bonus………

This was a great demo of some amateur drifters and their cars, some professionals were about but their cars were tucked safely away under their shiny wax whilst the ‘other’ guys got down to it!

These cars really represent the real version of what this site is all about – back to basics fun without having to spend a fortune.  I hope the pictures below provide some inspiration for some body mods, I am going frontless on my TT-01 for sure after seeing that Skyline!

After we saw these I was inspired to get my Nissan Silvia TT-01 out of my car boot and drive it around the entrance area.  After a small crowd gathered I was asked a by a lot of people where I got it, how much and what it took to build it – shows that people are interested in drifting no matter what the size!

There’s another JapShow in September so see for details

Goodwood 2009 – no drifto?

Goodwood as good as alway, but since it caters for every category you can imagine there were no Drift cars racing – shame.

There was a static display by Toyo so here’s what they provided for drift fans……

I’ve got some connections with the marketing manager of Goodwood, so I’ll be enquiring if there is any drift line up next year.  Also, if there’s a possibility that there can be an RC Drift demo I’ll need some volunteers…………hands up anyone?

Seriously though, with D1 becoming more international there’s a strong case to have a display at Goodwood.  Let me know if you agree!