ABC Hobby Muffler Set

This set is a great addition to add some realism and finishing touch to your Drift car.

ABC make some truly awesome bodyshells in general, but I was really impressed with this set.  Not only does it come with 4 types of exhuast with adjustable fixing mount, but also wiper blades AND a number plate set with lots of Japanese characters.  It’s great value as well, but the quality of plastic is excellent and really has a nice authentic chrome look to it.

Here’s some pics of how it can look on a Tamiya R34 bodyshell

As you’ll see in the pic of the set you can choose either a Chrome or Black set, if you’d prefer a brushed steel or anything look the black set is ready for primer and then your imagination…… rusty version on an old car perhaps!?

Links to the original ABC Hobby site;

Have a look at their other shells whilst you’re there, you’ll end up staring at the details I’m sure!

Here’s a few examples for sale on eBay;