GPM Drift Alloy Suspension Arms for TT-01 – important update!

Saw these parts on eBay and thought they are an essential upgrade for any TT-01 drift machine, however, not all is good so read on…..

UPDATE: Ensure you have the TT-01D chassis for the parts described below.  I have a few TT-01 and TT-01E chassis but the LOWER ARMS WILL NOT FIT! They are a different design, look really closely at the pics for the LOWER arms on the eBay links below.

However, the UPPER ARMS DO fit the TT-01 and TT-01E chassis.  So far I haven’t found they offer much in the way of camber, possibly about -2 degrees, which is good for racing…..if you just want to show of with -10 degree of camber these aren’t the parts for you!

Now for the even worse news.  I order two sets of the Upper Rear Adjustable Arms as I have two TT-01s I wanted to fit them to both.  The front adjustables work fine as above, but really don’t offer much in the way of being ‘adjustable’ as above.

The problem with the rears is that as standard, they offer no more camber than the standard GPM Upper Rears Alloy parts, and when you try and adjust them you will find you can’t.  Due to the way they are made, similar to the plastic version, there is a centre screw holding the two main pieces together and you are supposed to just tighten it all up – and this is where it goes all wrong…..

The problem is the alloy is weak by it’s nature, and the screw is of poor quality, so once you start to tighten to get the camber you want, they break with little force.  I then tried to saw the ends of the screws so they’d end up shorter and therefore offer more camber, I filed the ends to make sure they would go smoothly in.  Started off with no problems and then the main piece just threaded…….first piece of junk created.

I then tried tightening the screw, which itself is an issue since it’s only 3mm, and there aren’t many 3mm spanners around my house at the moment and again, things just went wrong with threading issue.

After that it was just frustrating, you can’t screw these far enough as standard, if you try and modify the parts are too weak to cope with it, and when you modify the results are awful.  I tried 4 different rear upper arms and only one work to a degree, but even that’s threaded inside because the arms are at an angle.

Once I fitted the one that worked, the driveshafts then became a problem because once you push the camber in, they are too long.

Basically, this grade of allow can’t cope with 2mm screws, it’s just not strong enough, and the middle screw isn’t one of high quality.  Even GPM’s pic below shows the Uppper Arm on the right is bent!  This is a disappointment from GPM as everything else I’ve had from them has been perfect……

My plan is to now get a TT-01D and test the parts on that……..

Damage parts are below so you can see what happened, with the one successful one I made.

eBay seller UKRC has the cheapest parts and delivery, I’ve used them in the past and the delivery is fairly quick too.

Click here for UK RC’s shop

The Upper Rear Adjustable Arms are here, part code from GPM is TT057D

and the Upper Front Adjustable Arms are here, part code from GPM is TT054D

I have seen a set of lower adjustable arms for front and rear, but I will trial these first and see if they’re actually required……

GPM Adjustable Alloy Front Arms

GPM Adjustable Rear Arms