Nissan Skyline R34 Nismo Z-Tune……ready for track drifting session

This bodyshell is work in progress, as I’m trying various things out on it to apply to much newer and shiny bodyshells.

The idea is to create a bodyshell that looks like a Street Drifter has taken his car to a track, where you usually see some taped up headlights and different wheels that they use just for drifting.  At some organised events numbers are applied if they enter an amateur event.

After applying a complete real metal mesh grill to the front, I bought a set of Speedway Slidemaster wheels to get the look I wanted, which now on the car look great.  I then applied some BBS stickers from a set that was lying around (I know they are Volk design but hey……they were the only ones I had!)

Here’s the results……..hope you like it!

ABC Hobby Muffler Set

This set is a great addition to add some realism and finishing touch to your Drift car.

ABC make some truly awesome bodyshells in general, but I was really impressed with this set.  Not only does it come with 4 types of exhuast with adjustable fixing mount, but also wiper blades AND a number plate set with lots of Japanese characters.  It’s great value as well, but the quality of plastic is excellent and really has a nice authentic chrome look to it.

Here’s some pics of how it can look on a Tamiya R34 bodyshell

As you’ll see in the pic of the set you can choose either a Chrome or Black set, if you’d prefer a brushed steel or anything look the black set is ready for primer and then your imagination…… rusty version on an old car perhaps!?

Links to the original ABC Hobby site;

Have a look at their other shells whilst you’re there, you’ll end up staring at the details I’m sure!

Here’s a few examples for sale on eBay;